Show me!

Escort Paris, France & International Emma Jolie in red lingerie on the bed

“Show me what you’ve got!” he says and leans back on the sofa. “I want to see you. Just take that skirt off now.” She slowly opens the zip of her skirt and lets it glide down her hips. “Just turn around. Show me that sweet ass, baby.” She turns around, so that he can see her sexy bottom. He slaps it softly, but strong enough to leave some red marks on her fair skin. “I love your white skin, baby. Now take off your panties.” She pulls her panties down and, still standing in front of him, spreads her legs a bit, so he can see. “Oh yes, very nice. Sit down there on the armchair and show me more.” he says, pointing at the armchair opposite to him. She sits down on it. “Spread your legs and show me how you caress your sweet p***y.” She spreads her legs and starts caressing her p***y. She gently rubs her little pearl, circling it with two fingers. After a while her hand goes further down, caressing her lips… “Now take that dildo, baby, and show me how you use it.” He gets up to hand her the glass dildo which he knows she loves so much. It is cool and big. She sucks on it with her mouth and then slowly slides the shaft over her p***y, up and down. Mmmhh, how nice that feels…. “That looks beautiful, baby. Now put it into your p***y. I want to see how you do it…” he murmurs while opening the zip of his trouser…. She does what he told her to do and starts moaning with pleasure. She lets the dildo slide in and out, until she gets carried away by waves of lust. Suddenly she feels how he grabs her blonde hair and pulls her up towards him. “I’ve seen enough, baby. Now come to bed where you belong to…”
Their night will be hot, sexy and wild.

A Good Morning

Escort Paris, France & International Emma Jolie in red lingerie on the bed

It’s early in the morning, and you are still asleep, lying next to her.
She was woken by the first rays of sunshine and cannot go back to sleep….the early sun rays aroused a desire in her….the desire to feel you.
The night has been warm, and you are only covered with a lightly weighted sheet.
She starts to caress you gently…she softly kisses your face, your neck, then she slowly gets down to your chest and your legs…. You are still sleeping, but one part of your body seems to be wide awake…although she doesn’t touch you there... The more she caresses your whole body with her hands and her mouth, the bigger your beautiful s** gets…. Time for her to caress it with her mouth. She start to kiss it, tenderly, playing with the tip of her tongue….until she slides it deeply into her mouth. You are still asleep, when she takes off her panties and sits on you and starts to move lustfully, up and down. You open your eyes, and you are not sure, if this is only a dream… Then you move your hands to caress her beautiful body and her breasts. Her nipples are hard and erected, and she starts moaning. The moment you realise that this is not a dream, you can hardly hold yourself back….
What a nice surprise, and what a great start into the day!
I think, every day should start like this.

Dessert before Dinner

Emma Jolie Indeoendent Escort Paris caresses herself

It’s 8 pm when I knock on your door. You open, and I see that you just have changed clothes for dinner after your shower.
We haven’t seen each other since a while, and our encounters have always been very erotic and sensual. And now we have the opportunity to feel and touch each other again….And you don’t know yet, how starved I am today…
We kiss each other on the cheek, and you offer me a seat and ask me, if I would like to drink something before we go out for dinner.
But my plans are different….While you pour me a glass of water, I get closer to you….I lay my arms around your neck and start kissing you. You are surprised, as you just wanted to discuss, to which restaurant we should go to have dinner. Furthermore you are hungry! Me too….but not for food! I’m hungry for you!
I open your belt, and my hand starts playing with your sex in your trouser. I kneel down and start to caress your sex with my tongue….I make it disappear in my mouth…deeply….I suck on it, while my hand plays with your balls….I can see and feel that you are getting very hard now.
With my other hand I caress my sweet pussy…
You are still surprised, and hungry, I know…..but you start to enjoy the moment.
We are just in front of a mirror, and I can see your hard c*** sliding in and out of my mouth….What a sexy sight!
You know about my little mirror fetish, so you interrupt the play of my mouth and tongue to bring a chair. You sit on it, just in front of the mirror, and the sight of you sitting there with your hard c*** arouses me even more. I lift my skirt, and you see that today I’m not wearing a panty…..I sit on you….
And that’s only the beginning of our erotic and sensual evening.

Naked in Pearls

Pearl necklace in a shell

It’s late in the evening, when she arrives at his place. Paris is just beautiful this night, a city full of lights.
It has been a while since their last rendezvous. He has been travelling extensively, and today is his first night back in Paris.
He opens the door, and they kiss straight away. After a while of kissing and embracing each other he leads her into the lounge. In front of the couch he says:
“Get undressed, you may leave only your stockings and high heels on. I want to see you…”
Slowly she starts to undress….first she takes off her shirt, then she opens the zip of her skirt, and it’s very erotic to see the skirt slowly sliding down her beautiful body. Now she opens her bra…her nipples are getting hard as she touches them with her fingertips…
“Mhhhh…” she moans, but he says: “Take off your panties and turn around, so that I can see you from behind.”
She does as he told her and slowly slides down her panties. She bends over and thinks: ‘He must have such a beautiful view…’ Slowly she spreads her fingers and allows him to see the pink skin…
Quietly embracing her from behind, he blindfolds her with a silk scarf and whispers in her ear: “You look beautiful. I have a present for you….I think you will love it…” She feels something slightly touching her nipples, it’s cool and feels really nice. She can hear a slight noise, like beads touching one another… “Is it the pearl necklace you promised me, darling?” she asks. “Yes, it is. Now, bend over on all fours and spread your legs a little!” he orders. She bends over on all fours on the sofa, all wet from arousal…. she feels the cool pearls rolling over her buttocks now…. he’s holding the necklace taut, pulling it between her legs, moving it back and forth….”Oooh, it feels so good….don’t stop, please!” she moans, feeling the beads sliding along her crease….
“Open your mouth!” he says after a moment of watching her pleasure, interrupting her moaning, and brings the pearls into her mouth. Again he’s holding the necklace taut, and she flicks her tongue at the pearls, tasting herself. He kisses her beautiful, red lips and says: “The pearls look so beautiful on you, my darling. Now it’s time you make me feel good!” and slides his hard sex into her mouth….
Their play goes on all night….
I think, that’s a lovely gift idea for a sensual, desirable woman… And there is so much more you can do with a beautiful pearl necklace, apart from wearing it on an evening out…

Wake me up...

Emma Jolie, escort girl and courtesan in Paris, is sensually caressing herself in bed.

It was a cold winter morning, when she arrived at his hotel in the city. Normally she would sleep during the hours of dawn, but today was different.
They had exchanged a few emails before, and during a telephone conversation they had both found out, that they liked each other’s voices and attitude.
It has been difficult to find an appropriate date for a rendezvous, and finally they had decided to meet very early on this Sunday morning.
He came down to the lobby to pick her up and accompany her to his room, and he looked exactly like he had described himself. She really liked what she saw.
When he kissed her on the cheek to say hello, she recognized that he smelled very good.
A subdued light pervaded the room, and the bed looked very comfortable and inviting…no, not for sleeping!
But first he ordered coffee, and while waiting for the room service, they had a stimulating conversation.
They both felt the erotic attraction and tension….was it the early hour or the fact that they had exchanged their wishes and desires before, they both just wanted to feel each other.
The coffee was served…finally…and they embraced each other.
He began to slowly explore every inch of her body.
She was wearing the clothes that he had wished for – stockings, black lingerie and her favourite pair of high heels.
He undressed her slowly and then used his tongue and fingers to give her pure pleasure….and of course she returned the favour….
It was going to be a very long, intense morning full of pleasure, excitement and sensuality. They overwhelmed each other with compliments and caresses and fulfilled each other’s fantasies and desires.
The coffee was long cold when they said goodbye.
What a nice way to start the day!