Christmas Greetings

Christmas 2016 with Escort Emma Jolie

Dear Gentlemen,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy your presents!
Wanna unwrap me...? Then get in touch with me!

Sensually yours,


Art, Culture and Sensuality

Venetian Mask Mature Escort Emma Jolie

Dear Gentleman,
It’s December again, the season of exhibitions, concerts and opera visits.
Are you in Paris this winter and don’t know how to spend your free day?
Why not visit one of the many exhibitions or music events that are on display this season! We could visit them together and then enjoy a lazy and highly sensual afternoon in your hotel room or home… Did I mention yet, that I just love arts as well as lazy and sensual afternoons in bed…? :)
Here’s my to-do-list: Just get in touch and drop me a line!

Yours sensually,


Back in Town

Emma Jolie International Escort Hong Kong

Dear Gentleman,
One year has passed, since I wrote my last diary entry. During that year I was very busy in my professional life. But I also had the chance to travel extensively and experience many adventures.
I travelled to distant places and cities and enjoyed the delicious aromas and flavours of the Far East.
I discovered Singapore, the “Garden City” with its magnificent colonial buildings, its shophouses and its modern skyscrapers. Everywhere in the city there is that tempting scent of flowers and the exotic meals, which are cooked in the many restaurants and cookshops.
And I enjoyed the fantastic panoramic views of Hong Kong – I just love the skyline of the city that never sleeps.
I’m back in Paris during November and December, despite my insatiable wanderlust and the cool season :)
So, catch me if you can … or take me on a trip to show me your favourite city in the world!


Show me!

Escort Paris, France & International Emma Jolie in red lingerie on the bed

“Show me what you’ve got!” he says and leans back on the sofa. “I want to see you. Just take that skirt off now.” She slowly opens the zip of her skirt and lets it glide down her hips. “Just turn around. Show me that sweet ass, baby.” She turns around, so that he can see her sexy bottom. He slaps it softly, but strong enough to leave some red marks on her fair skin. “I love your white skin, baby. Now take off your panties.” She pulls her panties down and, still standing in front of him, spreads her legs a bit, so he can see. “Oh yes, very nice. Sit down there on the armchair and show me more.” he says, pointing at the armchair opposite to him. She sits down on it. “Spread your legs and show me how you caress your sweet p***y.” She spreads her legs and starts caressing her p***y. She gently rubs her little pearl, circling it with two fingers. After a while her hand goes further down, caressing her lips… “Now take that dildo, baby, and show me how you use it.” He gets up to hand her the glass dildo which he knows she loves so much. It is cool and big. She sucks on it with her mouth and then slowly slides the shaft over her p***y, up and down. Mmmhh, how nice that feels…. “That looks beautiful, baby. Now put it into your p***y. I want to see how you do it…” he murmurs while opening the zip of his trouser…. She does what he told her to do and starts moaning with pleasure. She lets the dildo slide in and out, until she gets carried away by waves of lust. Suddenly she feels how he grabs her blonde hair and pulls her up towards him. “I’ve seen enough, baby. Now come to bed where you belong to…”
Their night will be hot, sexy and wild.

Fall 2015

Paris Escort Girl Emma Jolie shows a picture of La Defense

Dear Gentleman,
I hope you had a beautiful summer, a summer where you had the chance to get a rest, enjoy yourself and spend time with your family and friends.
It’s September, summer is passing and autumn is just ahead.
I like the colours of autumn, the fresh and cool air, and the golden and still warming sun rays.
It’s a perfect time to travel and to discover new places. And that’s what I’m planning to do this fall – to take a few days off and to travel a bit.
But autumn is also a great time to be in Paris, with many, many things to do and to discover.
Fashion lovers know it all long: The Paris Fashion Week 2015 takes place from September 29th to October 7th.  I just love to watch, unfortunately only on the internet, the fashion shows and the photos of it.
Paris is also the city of arts and artists, and fall is the season of art exhibitions and museums.
Anish Kapoor’s exhibition has already been running since June, but I didn’t have the chance to see it yet. It takes place in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles until November 1st 2015.
From October 2nd 2015 to February 7th 2016 the Musée d’Art Moderne of Paris is organising an exhibition of the monumental series “Shadows” of Andy Warhol. This is definitely a “must-see”!
I love music and especially musicals, so I’m very happy that there will be two musical shows in Paris this autumn! No need to travel to London or Hamburg to see a musical show :) (although I would love to do so…)
Cats the Musical can be seen from October 1st at Théâtre Mogador and Irma la Douce, the prostitute who was played by the lovely Shirley MacLaine, will charm you from September 15th at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin.
What else to do in Paris this autumn…? One option would be to meet your favourite escort lady and to spend a beautiful and exciting evening or day with her….full of sensuality and pleasure. I would be available – happily and with great pleasure. Just get in touch with me.


A Good Morning

Escort Paris, France & International Emma Jolie in red lingerie on the bed

It’s early in the morning, and you are still asleep, lying next to her.
She was woken by the first rays of sunshine and cannot go back to sleep….the early sun rays aroused a desire in her….the desire to feel you.
The night has been warm, and you are only covered with a lightly weighted sheet.
She starts to caress you gently…she softly kisses your face, your neck, then she slowly gets down to your chest and your legs…. You are still sleeping, but one part of your body seems to be wide awake…although she doesn’t touch you there... The more she caresses your whole body with her hands and her mouth, the bigger your beautiful s** gets…. Time for her to caress it with her mouth. She start to kiss it, tenderly, playing with the tip of her tongue….until she slides it deeply into her mouth. You are still asleep, when she takes off her panties and sits on you and starts to move lustfully, up and down. You open your eyes, and you are not sure, if this is only a dream… Then you move your hands to caress her beautiful body and her breasts. Her nipples are hard and erected, and she starts moaning. The moment you realise that this is not a dream, you can hardly hold yourself back….
What a nice surprise, and what a great start into the day!
I think, every day should start like this.

The Ladies of the Night

Paris Escort girl and courtesan Emma Jolie writes about Belle de Jour.

What to do on a cool and rainy summer evening?
I decided to watch some of my favourite movies and series about escorts, courtesans, call girls…however you will call them. I find it very interesting to see, how filmmakers see and interpret the stories of those mostly very self-determined and intelligent women.
And here they are…
Nowadays, one of the most popular pieces of work on high end call girls probably is the British television series about a call girl in the UK – “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”.  It’s based on Dr Brooke Magnanti’s famous blog and books published under the pen name Belle de Jour.  And I’m in love with the series and with Billie Piper in the role of the main female character – Hannah Baxter, known as the high class escort girl Belle! I’ve read the books first, and for me this series is one of the most amusing and funny approaches to the life of a call girl who loves her job. Of course I’m also a big admirer of Dr Brooke Magnanti, the original blogger and writer. This highly educated woman and her commitment to the improvement of the rights of sex workers are simply remarkable.
But do you know the “real” Belle de Jour? In case you don’t know her yet, it’s the beautiful Catherine Deneuve playing Séverine Serizy, a young Parisian housewife with fantasies of being a submissive. One day she goes to the high class brothel of Madame Anaïs…where she becomes “Belle de Jour”, the flower that blooms only during the day. The film is just another masterpiece of the famous filmmaker Luis Buñuel.
Another modern and critical movie about call girl is the French film “Young & Beautiful” directed by François Ozon. It tells the story of Isabelle, a teenage girl who discovers her sexuality and, back in Paris after her summer holiday in the South of France, decides to meet older men for money.
Next on my list of movies to watch are “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Camille”.
Are you looking for a modern-day courtesan? Then don’t search any longer and meet me in Paris, in France, Europe or worldwide and let me seduce you… :)



Summer in the City!

Paris Trocadero with Escort Emma Jolie

Dear Gentleman,
Summer has finally arrived in Paris! It’s hot and sunny, and soon the Parisians will go on holiday and the city will be a bit deserted, except in the touristic areas of course.
And although many Parisians will just get out of town, there are plenty of things to do in Paris during summer.
From June 7th to July 26th the “Paris Jazz Festival” takes place in the open hall of the Parc Floral de Vincennes. A bit later on, from August 28th to 30th, there will be “Rock en Seine”, the premier annual rock festival of Paris. It takes place in the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud. And from July 15th to 18th you can enjoy live music at the “FNAC Live” festival outside the Hôtel de Ville.
Two film festivals will also take place in the city this summer – perfect for all movie lovers like myself. One is the “Cinéma en Plein Air à La Villette 2015” (July 22 th to August 23 th at Parc de la Villette) , where you can watch classic films by well-known directors like Kubrick, Hitchcock and Tati as well as some of the best releases of recent years. The second one is the “Festival Silhouette 2015” (August 28th to September 5th at Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge), an open air short film festival, where more than 100 films of different genres will be shown.
I will be here in Paris this summer for at least the next couple of weeks, and during this time I’m available as your beautiful and sensual escort companion and courtesan. It’s hot - let’s have some fun together…..



Dessert before Dinner

Emma Jolie Indeoendent Escort Paris caresses herself

It’s 8 pm when I knock on your door. You open, and I see that you just have changed clothes for dinner after your shower.
We haven’t seen each other since a while, and our encounters have always been very erotic and sensual. And now we have the opportunity to feel and touch each other again….And you don’t know yet, how starved I am today…
We kiss each other on the cheek, and you offer me a seat and ask me, if I would like to drink something before we go out for dinner.
But my plans are different….While you pour me a glass of water, I get closer to you….I lay my arms around your neck and start kissing you. You are surprised, as you just wanted to discuss, to which restaurant we should go to have dinner. Furthermore you are hungry! Me too….but not for food! I’m hungry for you!
I open your belt, and my hand starts playing with your sex in your trouser. I kneel down and start to caress your sex with my tongue….I make it disappear in my mouth…deeply….I suck on it, while my hand plays with your balls….I can see and feel that you are getting very hard now.
With my other hand I caress my sweet pussy…
You are still surprised, and hungry, I know…..but you start to enjoy the moment.
We are just in front of a mirror, and I can see your hard c*** sliding in and out of my mouth….What a sexy sight!
You know about my little mirror fetish, so you interrupt the play of my mouth and tongue to bring a chair. You sit on it, just in front of the mirror, and the sight of you sitting there with your hard c*** arouses me even more. I lift my skirt, and you see that today I’m not wearing a panty…..I sit on you….
And that’s only the beginning of our erotic and sensual evening.

The French Open - Roland Garros 2015 in Paris

The French Open 2015 with Paris escort Emma Jolie

For all tennis lovers, only a few days are left before the start of the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris. The event will take place from 24 May to 7 June 2015.
I must admit that, since Boris Becker, Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi retired from sport, I don’t watch much tennis anymore. But of course the French Open is one of the greatest sports events here in Paris, and visitors from all over the world will come to this beautiful city to watch the matches live.
The Stade Roland Garros, constructed in 1928 and named after Roland Garros, the French pioneer aviator and WWI hero, is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris near Bois de Boulogne.
There can be found various restaurants, like “Les Jardins Gourmet, “ and “Le Roland Garros” as well as the French Tennis Federation Museum.
In May 2015 the museum will host an exhibition called “Tennis and Fashion”, so that’s particularly interesting for us women.
More information about the tournament and the tennis players can be found on the official Roland Garros Website.
So, if you are one of the lucky ticket owners and visiting Paris for the French Open, why don’t you sweeten your stay here in this beautiful city and meet up with me for a sensual and sexy encounter…? I’m your discreet and beautiful escort girl in Paris, and I love to seduce you – just get in touch with me!
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