Interview with Emma Jolie

Emma Jolie Escort in Paris, France & International

Dear Gentleman,

Here I answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Your pictures are stunning, do they really show you?
Yes, they show me. All pictures are an accurate presentation of how I look.

I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer. May I ask you, why?
I’m leading a busy life, being an escort companion is a beautiful “hobby” and not my main profession. In my daily life I have a career - I regard escorting more as an “adventure”. That’s why I can’t always answer the phone. Just kindly leave me your message and don’t forget to indicate your name, your phone number and at what time it’s best to call you back. You may also send me an email - in any case I prefer initial contact to be made by email.

Why didn’t I receive a reply to the email I’ve sent you?
During working days I generally respond within the same day. If your email comes in late, I respond within the next day. If you do not receive my response within this time, it may be a technical problem and I kindly ask you to resend your email.

Are your rates negotiable?
No, my rates are not negotiable.

Do you also do incalls?
No, I don’t. I only do outcalls.

How much advance notice do you need?
It all depends on my schedule. I would appreciate if you would get in touch with me as early as possible to organise our rendezvous. I can’t guarantee my availability for a same-day appointment in Paris or at one of the Paris airport hotels, but it’s always worth asking me. For a booking as a travel escort advance notice is essential.

How about the booking of air tickets?
I will take care of the booking in accordance to your requirements. Once we agreed on date, time and fare, I will ask you to send the deposit. Travel expenses must be paid and cleared before I book the ticket.
Please note, the earlier the reservation is made the better fares are available.

And how about the booking of train and car journeys?
It’s pretty much the same like for the booking of air tickets. I will ask you to send me the deposit for travel expenses and 30% of my rate.

Prior a journey, can I meet you for a cup of coffee?
I charge for my time – whether we drink coffee or do something else. If you would like to meet me before making final arrangements for a long trip together, I would suggest an overnight date to find out, if we get along with each other.

I'd like to take you out on the town, is this possible?
Of course this is possible, I love and enjoy the nightlife…in Paris, or in any other beautiful city in France, Europe or worldwide!

Do you do yacht parties?
I enjoy to sail, to socialize and to be on the water. Yes, I love yacht parties!

Do you do business and social events such as business dinners and weddings?
Absolutely, I am a good choice for this, as I am well-read and well-travelled. Your friends or colleagues are unlikely to suspect I am a courtesan.

Take her to the movies - The 68th Cannes Film Festival has begun

Emma Jolie Escort & Courtesan presents the Cannes Film Festival 2015

I love good movies and the cinema! Already at a very young age, when I was living in Berlin for some time, I regularly visited a small cinema near the Berliner Volksbühne showing independent movies. There I learned about Federico Fellini and Luis Buñuel…
So as a movie lover I always follow the nominations for the Palme d’Or closely.
The Cannes Film Festival 2015 takes place from 13th to 24th May, and nineteen movies will compete for the best film.
The movies which are being shown both in and out of the competition are, for example, “Macbeth”, directed by Justin Kurzel, “Irrational Man” by Woody Allen and “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino, a film with Michael Caine playing the role of a retired orchestra conductor who is invited to perform for the Queen and Prince Philip.
Natalie Portman is making her directorial debut with “A Tale of Love and Darkness”, a film based on the best-selling memoir of the Israeli writer and journalist Amos Oz.
I can’t wait to see “The Tale of Tales”, directed by Matteo Garrone, an opulent fantasy film with Salma Hayek.
More detailed information about the Cannes Film Festival can be found on the official website of the FESTIVAL DE CANNES.
So, when will you take me to the movies?



Naughty Easter Break

Meet Escort Paris Emma Jolie during your Easter break

Spring is in the air!
Do you have sexy and naughty thoughts? I certainly do… Let’s share them!
I will be available to meet you during the Easter Holidays – in Paris, France or abroad.
Just send me an email with some details about you and the desired rendezvous to
I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Sensually yours,


PS: Advanced notice is essential!

Naked in Pearls

Pearl necklace in a shell

It’s late in the evening, when she arrives at his place. Paris is just beautiful this night, a city full of lights.
It has been a while since their last rendezvous. He has been travelling extensively, and today is his first night back in Paris.
He opens the door, and they kiss straight away. After a while of kissing and embracing each other he leads her into the lounge. In front of the couch he says:
“Get undressed, you may leave only your stockings and high heels on. I want to see you…”
Slowly she starts to undress….first she takes off her shirt, then she opens the zip of her skirt, and it’s very erotic to see the skirt slowly sliding down her beautiful body. Now she opens her bra…her nipples are getting hard as she touches them with her fingertips…
“Mhhhh…” she moans, but he says: “Take off your panties and turn around, so that I can see you from behind.”
She does as he told her and slowly slides down her panties. She bends over and thinks: ‘He must have such a beautiful view…’ Slowly she spreads her fingers and allows him to see the pink skin…
Quietly embracing her from behind, he blindfolds her with a silk scarf and whispers in her ear: “You look beautiful. I have a present for you….I think you will love it…” She feels something slightly touching her nipples, it’s cool and feels really nice. She can hear a slight noise, like beads touching one another… “Is it the pearl necklace you promised me, darling?” she asks. “Yes, it is. Now, bend over on all fours and spread your legs a little!” he orders. She bends over on all fours on the sofa, all wet from arousal…. she feels the cool pearls rolling over her buttocks now…. he’s holding the necklace taut, pulling it between her legs, moving it back and forth….”Oooh, it feels so good….don’t stop, please!” she moans, feeling the beads sliding along her crease….
“Open your mouth!” he says after a moment of watching her pleasure, interrupting her moaning, and brings the pearls into her mouth. Again he’s holding the necklace taut, and she flicks her tongue at the pearls, tasting herself. He kisses her beautiful, red lips and says: “The pearls look so beautiful on you, my darling. Now it’s time you make me feel good!” and slides his hard sex into her mouth….
Their play goes on all night….
I think, that’s a lovely gift idea for a sensual, desirable woman… And there is so much more you can do with a beautiful pearl necklace, apart from wearing it on an evening out…

Wake me up...

Emma Jolie, escort girl and courtesan in Paris, is sensually caressing herself in bed.

It was a cold winter morning, when she arrived at his hotel in the city. Normally she would sleep during the hours of dawn, but today was different.
They had exchanged a few emails before, and during a telephone conversation they had both found out, that they liked each other’s voices and attitude.
It has been difficult to find an appropriate date for a rendezvous, and finally they had decided to meet very early on this Sunday morning.
He came down to the lobby to pick her up and accompany her to his room, and he looked exactly like he had described himself. She really liked what she saw.
When he kissed her on the cheek to say hello, she recognized that he smelled very good.
A subdued light pervaded the room, and the bed looked very comfortable and inviting…no, not for sleeping!
But first he ordered coffee, and while waiting for the room service, they had a stimulating conversation.
They both felt the erotic attraction and tension….was it the early hour or the fact that they had exchanged their wishes and desires before, they both just wanted to feel each other.
The coffee was served…finally…and they embraced each other.
He began to slowly explore every inch of her body.
She was wearing the clothes that he had wished for – stockings, black lingerie and her favourite pair of high heels.
He undressed her slowly and then used his tongue and fingers to give her pure pleasure….and of course she returned the favour….
It was going to be a very long, intense morning full of pleasure, excitement and sensuality. They overwhelmed each other with compliments and caresses and fulfilled each other’s fantasies and desires.
The coffee was long cold when they said goodbye.
What a nice way to start the day!

It's Christmas Time

Escort girl Emma Jolie is available in Paris and awaiting your call.

Dear Gentlemen, old friends and new,
I wish you a merry Christmas, many gifts from Santa Claus and a Happy New Year!
I will be in Paris during the Christmas season and available for outcalls to your hotel or residence. So, do you like to spice up your day a bit and make this holiday season unforgettable? Don’t hesitate, get in touch with me!




Escort girl and courtesan Emma Jolie invites you to read her diary.

My very first entry into my diary – I am pleased to welcome you to my website!
Here you will get to read about news, stories, fantasies and adventures….
So just stop by every now and then!
I hope you enjoy reading.

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